What to expect at a Class

Each session is 90 minutes long consisting of a warm up, physical fitness exercises and self defence techniques (Close Combat). When you arrive, your instructor will meet you before the lesson starts. We’ll introduce ourselves and have a chat about safety, your training goals, and any injuries or concerns you may have. You don’t need any previous experience; we all had to start somewhere.
There is a great community spirit and positive attitude at each session in a rewarding training environment. You’ll fit right in and enjoy yourself, while learning some real self protection skills from a well qualified ICCA instructor . It’s something you need to see for yourself – there’s nothing quite like it.

Who are the ICCA

The International Close Combat Association (ICCA) is an organization that was established in 2018 and provides accreditation courses to self-protection and close combat instructors. To become a member and qualify as an ICCA course instructor, individuals must have provided training to military or law enforcement personnel. The courses offered by ICCA focus on techniques that have been pressure tested in real-world scenarios rather than just in traditional martial arts dojos. This emphasis on practical, real-world effectiveness sets ICCA apart in the field of self-protection and close combat training.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I start
You can just term up to a class on your own or with a friend just register online or download our app.

Am I too old
CC Self-protection is for everyone. Unless you have a serious health issue, there is no reason you can’t train into your sixties or seventies. Ease off on the intensity, take a break as you need it – the fitness will come. We only cater for adults over 18s or accompanied by and adult for over 16s.

Do I need to be fit
No. CC Self-protection is a great route to fitness for anyone. CC Self-protection is more fun than gyms or fitness classes and the group ethos makes it far easier to get and stay motivated. You’ll notice a difference in as little as 3 weeks. In 12 weeks you will wish you had started years ago.

Will I need any training kit
Yes you will eventfully need to wear and use a training kit. Speak to your instructor as some kit is optional,We suggest you  come in a T shirt, track suit bottoms or long shorts,Trainers and also bring a bottle of water.

You can purchase club attire at our website if you wish.

Will I get hurt
We are professional instructors, safety is always the priority. Statistically, CC Self-protection is safer than football, rugby or hockey. Whilst any training carries a level of risk, the likelihood of serious injury is low. You will use and wear protective equipment when required.

How long before I can defend myself
This depends on the threat. For the average person training twice a week, we would expect effective skills to deal with common situations after 8-10 weeks.

How often should I attend
We recommend a minimum of once a week. Most students attend twice a week. But the choice is yours.

Are there belts and gradings

There is not a belt system in the ICCA however we have Sections & levels for students, and instructors. Students can grade if they choose, also if they are invited to grade by their instructor but this is regulated to ensure quality standards.

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Are there competitions
No. There are no competitive events in CC Self-protection. Most competitive events in the martial arts encourage behaviours and practices that are not conducive to real world survival. For example, roughly 80% of all violent encounters see the victim outnumbered at least two to one or being attacked from behind in a cowardly way, while most competitions are contested one on one. The job of a CC Self-protection instructor is to teach you to survive on the street in an aggressive environment, not to take home trophies and medals.

Do I get discount on seminars and events
Yes all SKM Tactical members get discount on Seminars also on Monthly membership options.

Do I need to sign a contract
No there is No Contract we just ask to adhere to our club rules of membership.

How do I cancel my membership
Just cancel any standing order giving one months notice.


The first thing is to come along to a class.
You will enjoy the friendly atmosphere the fitness and the learning.



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