Our Training Methodology

At SKM Tactical, our training methods incorporate a comprehensive approach that emphasizes the use of both edged and impact weapons, empty-hand techniques, and defensive tactics. Our methods focus on practical and effective self-defense strategies that can be applied in real-world scenarios. Here’s a breakdown of our training methodology

1. Practical techniques: Our training emphasizes practical techniques that are easy to learn and apply under stress. We focus on simple, instinctive movements that can be utilized effectively in high-pressure situations.

2. Realistic scenarios: Our training incorporates realistic scenarios and simulations to prepare students for potential threats and attacks. By practicing in scenarios that mimic real-life situations, students can better understand how to apply their skills in self-defense.

3. Emphasis on aggression: Our methods emphasize the importance of aggressive and decisive action when facing a threat. This involves teaching students to act with determination and commitment to their own safety when defending against an attacker.

4. Weapon defense: We provide training in defending against armed attacks, including knife and impact weapon defenses. Students learn how to effectively neutralize threats posed by edged and impact weapons while minimizing the risk to themselves.

5. Stress drills: Our training incorporates stress drills and simulations to help students develop the ability to perform under pressure. By exposing students to controlled stressors during training, they can improve their ability to react and adapt in real-world confrontations.

By incorporating these elements into our training methods, we aim to prepare our students to defend themselves effectively using a combination of weapon-based and empty-hand techniques.

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Our History

SKM Tactical is a self-defense and personal safety training organization based in Southampton, UK. It was founded in 2016 with the mission of providing high-quality self-protection training to individuals from all walks of life. SKM Tactical has gained recognition for its effective training programs, which have been utilized by navy personnel, police officers, and thousands of other individuals seeking to improve their self-protection skills. The organization’s commitment to empowering individuals through education and practical training has made it a valuable resource for personal safety and security in the Southampton community and beyond.


SKM Tactical Are members of the ICCA
The International Close Combat Association (ICCA) is an organization that governs and regulates close combat training within its carefully selected member base.
It aims to promote and standardize training, It oversees memberships, supplies syllabus and training guidance, as well as coordinates gradings for its member organizations and practitioners. The association sets standards for training, safety, and competition, ensuring that members adhere to its guidelines for the benefit of all participants.



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